Futsal Rules 







Teams may call one one-minute timeout per half (when in 

Possession of ball, ball out of play).
There is no overtime, injury time or stoppage time.
Teams are comprised of four outfield players and one goalkeeper.
The goalkeeper must wear a different color jersey than the outfield players.
There is no offsides in futsal.


All substitutions are on the fly, this includes goalkeeping substitutions. Referees will not stop play for goalkeeping substitutions. A substitute may not enter the pitch until the player leaving the pitch leaves through the substitution zone in front of his teams’ bench. Any substitute who enters the pitch before the player being replaced has completely left the field of play may be shown a yellow card. 


Kickoffs: A goal may not be scored directly from a kick-off. The ball must be played forward first. Tapped balls are not in play – the ball must move forward.

Kick-ins: are indirect. The ball must be placed on or no more than 10 inches behind the line and the kick must be taken within 4 seconds. The kicker's non-kicking foot must be out of bounds or on the line. (A kick-in that goes directly in the opposing goal is a goal clearance for the opposing team. A

Kick-in that goes directly in the defensive goal is a corner kick of the opposing team.) If the kick-in does not enter the pitch or if the kick is not taken within 4 seconds the kick-in is taken by the opposing team.

Goal Clearances: are taken when the ball wholly crosses the goal line and not under the crossbar and between the goalposts and after being touched last by the attacking team. The goalkeeper must use his hands to roll, bounce or throw the ball from anywhere inside the penalty area to outside the penalty area.

Corner Kicks: are direct. The ball must be placed directly on the corner arc and the kick must be taken within 4 seconds. If the kick is not taken within 4 seconds the restart becomes a goal clearance for the opposing team.

Free Kicks: may be indirect or direct. The ball must be stationary before the kick may be taken.

Penalty Kicks: are taken from the penalty spot and must be taken by a clearly identified kicker. Defenders may not be nearer to the ball than 16 feet and even or behind the ball when the kick is taken.

Fouls and Misconduct

Indirect Free Kicks: When a player plays in a dangerous manner, impedes an opponent, prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball with her hands, goalkeeper takes more than 4 seconds to release the ball when in possession in his own half, plays the ball again within his own half after releasing the ball and the ball doesn’t touch an opponent or has gone out of play, or commits any offense for which play is stopped to caution or eject a player.

Direct Free Kicks: When a player kicks an opponent, tackles an opponent, trips an opponent, jumps at an opponent, charges an opponent, strikes an opponent, pushes an opponent, holds an opponent, spits at an opponent or handles the ball deliberately.

Yellow Card / Caution: The offending player is shown a yellow card. If a player is shown two yellow cards in a match, he is shown a red card.

Red Card / send-off: The offending team plays with one less player for two full game minutes or unless scored upon before the two-minute penalty expires. The offending player serves a minimum one-match suspension.

Accumulated Fouls: All direct free kick fouls are recorded on the scoresheet and on the scoreboard. If one team accumulates 6 or more direct free kick fouls in one half, the opposing team will take a direct free kick without a wall. If the foul occurs farther from the attacking goal than the second penalty spot, the Direct Free Kick Without a Wall is taken from the second penalty spot. If the foul occurs nearer to the attacking goal than the second penalty spot (but outside the penalty area, of course), the attacking team may choose whether to take the Direct Free Kick Without a Wall from the second penalty spot or from the spot of the foul. All Direct Free Kicks Without a Wall must be kicked with the intention of scoring a goal by a clearly identified kicker. The defending team may not make a wall and may not be nearer to the ball than 16 feet and even or behind the ball when the kick is taken. The goalkeeper may be off the goal-line but may not be nearer than 16 feet from the ball. Accumulated fouls are reset to zero at the beginning of the second half and carry over into extra-time if being played.

Second Penalty Spot: 30 feet from goal-line and the center of the goal

Penalty Spot: 20 feet from goal-line and the center of the goal and placed at the top of the penalty area line.

Advantage: Advantage is applied in Futsal. Direct free kick foul will count as accumulated fouls if advantage is applied even if play is not stopped by the referees. If the referee gestures with both arms, the foul was a direct free kick foul and will be counted accordingly. If the gesture is with one arm, the free kick would have been indirect and will not count as an accumulated foul.

The Goalkeeper

  • Must wear a different color shirt.

  • He/She may wear long pants and/or other padding as deemed safe by the match referee.

  • May receive a kick-in directly.

  • May kick the ball directly over the half-way line.

  • May score directly with his feet during the run of play.

  • May not possess the ball for more than four seconds in his own half.

  • May throw the ball directly across the half-way line.

  • May not score a goal by using the hands (cannot throw or hit the ball directly into the goal)

  • Cannot touch the ball again in any way within his/her own half after releasing the ball into play unless an opponent has touched it or it has gone out of play.

NO CLEATS..!! Futsal or TURF shoes ONLY..!! 

Parents + Coaches. Absolutely NO COACHING during the match. Coaches may instruct prior to the start of the match, during timeouts & halftime ONLY

We reserve the right to remove parents + coaches from the Facility if they cannot adhere to rules. 

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